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i am going to be getting some micheal miller fabrics, please vote for… - babyMACH
I want my babyMACH, babyMACH, babyMACH....
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nickittynic From: nickittynic Date: July 18th, 2006 01:23 am (UTC) (Link)
Okay. Wow this is a lot. Haha.

Anyway, here we go.. I'll put them in two groups (if they overlap I'll go ahead and put in in the Benjamin group):
Ones I would put on Benjamin
-Turq stitch loops
-In transit (best on like a shirt I think though)
-Giraffe skin
-Lettuce entertain you (haha!)
-Retro yippe
-Retro rocket kids
-Zip it
-Color band

Ones I would put on a Girl
-Pink wonder dot
-Caribe disco dot
-Flamingo disco dot
-Paris ville
-Knit wits
-Sharky shark
-Pastel candy dot
-Pink sally swirl (really love this one)
-Avocado chic stripe (also really love this one)

I think my favorites of all the MM fabrics are the "cocoa" series'. And the "sorbet", "stripes", and "tiny check" series'.
Aww, the woodland critters are cute, too, for little babies. :)
11 raspberries or blow a raspberry