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I want my babyMACH, babyMACH, babyMACH....

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Hi, I am a 25-year-old WAHM to baby Malachi (aka Machi) who I named this business after. I guess I should start with how to say the name of my business since I am always explaining how to pronouce my baby's nickname...take a "big mac" replace "big" with "baby" and there you go :P. I am extremely excited to be embarking on this new journey of motherhood and self-employment and I hope to open for sale here on July 25th, have my hyenacart ready by August 10th, and open my online store in early September. I have been doing arts and crafts since I was little and started sewing in college where I worked mostly doing hand embroidery, decorative sewing, and assisting with millinery in the theatre department's costume shop. I have recently taken up knitting and now offer knit items for sale. I have many other WAHM friends so keep an eye out for some WAHM collaborations coming in the future.

Customs List (as of Sept 4, 2006)
ksera05-preemie grumble berry set (waiting to hear back)
english t.-mama gnome hat in autumn aster manos with matching mittens (yarn on order)
nickittynic -baby hat with matching cabbage patch kid hat, 18-24mo sweater (sending yarn)

Coming soon:
knit wetbags
knit wash cloths
knit hats and scarfs
mama pads
cold/heat packs
boobie soothers